Welcome to the Scroungers Campaign Setting, a world of ships and shores, paucity and poverty, crowding and conflict. This world was designed especially for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game to provide players with new options for their campaigns. The world seamlessly incorporates the bewildering variety of content available for the d20 fantasy rules set and can support almost any style of game imaginable.

The Scroungers setting centers on the continent of Stha Lui, the world’s only remaining refuge for terrestrial life following a catastrophic flood known as the Torrent. Originally a high plateau surrounded by tall mountains, Stha Lui is the last large area of dry land left on the world. The rest of the planet is covered in a single large ocean dotted with islands. Most (if not all) of these islands are uncharted and provide opportunities for Dungeon Masters to insert almost any type of game content into the setting. Some island chains are described in this book (though their general locations in relation to Stha Lui are not) and DM’s are encouraged to create as many new islands or archipelagos as needed for their campaigns.